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Car Tech - Environment & how it affects your cars paint

Updated: Jan 7

More than 7.6 million new vehicles were sold in Australia each year. These pristine vehicles look beautiful when we first take ownership but over time they start to loose their beauty with the same common trait, a continuous battle with elements that are trying to dull, fade, and tarnish their exterior finishes. Sunlight, salt air, airborne pollutants, inappropriate cleaning techniques and birds are some of the things working against retaining those beautiful exterior paint finishes.

While cars with oxidized, scratched, or stained finishes may drive identically to those in immaculate condition, their monetary values are significantly less — thousands of dollars in many cases. And, bringing a car back to its original condition is laborious and expensive (if it doesn't require another visit to a paint shop). Long story short, it pays to take care of your vehicle’s paint with regular cleaning & maintenance.